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First Annual Report

Phase II Planning

Dear Friends, Family and Investors, This is the first annual report. I want to first off start by saying thank you all for making this possible. Everyone that has helped VSI, your hard work is noticed and appreciated. THANK Y'ALL!!

Now to the plan. We have with this post, official ended phase I of the business. Phase I consisted of mainly getting certifications, insurance, website and proving we can turn a profit. Phase II can be considered to be an incubation period. Our main goal now is sustainable growth. For those that receive an email or request one, the email contains a draft of what is expected, goals, and deadlines. Some of the goals can be considered unrealistic but going thru the motions is important. The largest highlights are introduction of our political liaison, Ray Ahmed, Please congratulate him when you see him. Secondly, expansion, and finally long term contracts. I will now discuss briefly each topic, if you have any questions do not be shy, call, email, or text me.

If we are serious about being in this industry a political division is something that is critical to our expansion. Security and politics are two apples from the same tree. Ray with his advanced political knowledge and masters is the perfect candidate for the job. Mr. Ahmed is our first official lobbyist and POC for non-bureaucratic government matters. Once again congratulate him. We at VSI are looking forward to the great things he can achieve. Expansion? What does that mean, it means its time to put or name on everyone's top 5 security list in Austin and the greater Austin area. I am glad to announce that Lucas and I will be leading the charge on this. We want to achieve this by gaining access to more events and more long term contracts. VSI's goal is going to be to prove that consistency, hard work, determination, and teamwork make the dream work.

Finally, long term contracts, will be our bread and butter. I cannot emphasize enough how important these are. These contracts are going to be how we formally legitimize ourselves and force people to take us seriously. We will be aiming for contracts that last from 1-3 years. If you do not see the importance of the acquisition of contracts please contact me for re-education immediately. (disclaimer, reeducation may include forced audio and visual education, water boarding and confined spaces with having to listen to me rant, one waives rights by reporting themselves to me).

In conclusion, we have our plan, it's time to get out there and put in the work. I am very confident in our abilities and we have all proven that we are capable. Let's get these long term contracts and show the community we are here to stay!!!

Best Regards,

Christopher Vasquez, CEO and Founder.

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