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Introducing VSI Secure, LLC

At VSI Secure, LLC we are excited about the future of private security! Long seen as “the lazy man’s industry,” and characterized by sleeping night watchmen, the private security industry is rapidly changing into a fast-paced, tech-centered field that requires proactive guards and innovative practices.

In our view, the future of private security will be focused on providing great customer service, reducing liability for owners of businesses and organizations, and on integrating technology into the industry to more effectively discourage theft and property damage.

We are working toward modernizing the industry at VSI Secure. We believe that the most important aspect to change about our industry is people’s perception of it. And the most effective way to do that is to employ friendly security officers whose focus is on providing an exemplary service to our clients.

We do more than is required for our clients. We train our guards to lend a helping hand when requested, and to conduct their business in a positive, proactive way. The reason that our security officers are more likely to go above and beyond than our competitors, is because it is one of our core values to always pay our employees a living wage. We believe that if we treat people right, we will be rewarded with a lower turnover rate, and a happier, more productive workforce.

Another thing we can provide business owners and organizations is a reduction in their liability. Hiring a private security firm can reduce risks for businesses. Not only does our company help prevent theft, property damage, and vandalism, but also, we take much of the burden of potential liability away from the property owner and onto our company. This helps boost our client’s sales (because goods are not being stolen) and reduces the risk of a costly lawsuit.

We also focus on bringing new technology into the field. The use of drones for security purposes will increase dramatically over the next five years. We plan to invest resources and money into drone technology and hope to provide these services soon. We also are interested in the development of less-than-lethal weapons for security use. Currently, we are working with a start-up in Austin to potentially bring newer, safer weapons into the field.

VSI Secure strives to change the public’s perception of the security industry. We plan to do that by treating people right, helping our clients earn more money, and by incorporating technology into our work.

At VSI Secure, we know that private security is an industry on the rise. As more and more people require these services for their events and businesses, the emphasis placed on providing great customer service will only multiply.

We are ready for these changes that are coming to our industry, and that is why VSI Secure, is a security company for a new generation.

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