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VSI Secure to Provide Security for Lost Kings Concert

VSI Secure will be providing security for Delta Sigma Phi and Delta Upsilon’s joint Roundup event featuring the Lost Kings on Friday, March 29th. The West Campus event has generated lots of excitement since it has been announced and is expected to have a large sell out crowd.

“We are excited to be partnering with Delta Sigma Phi and Delta Upsilon to provide security for the incredibly talented Lost Kings,” Chief Strategy Officer Lucas Lostoski said. The Lost Kings, the DJ duo known for making progressive house music, has 6.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify and over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

“VSI Secure looks forward to the opportunity to continue to prove ourselves as a great up and coming company,” Chief Executive Officer Chris Vasquez said. “We will continue to focus on excellent service and excellent results for our partners.”


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